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Sois Tecmo League Rules
Updated: March 19, 2023 - 10:01:04 pm
  1. Have Fun Rule - This rule is the most important. I have seen this at the bottom of many other leagues rule pages. It should be the most important. If this isn't fun, this will stop. If you act like a jerk, you are gone.

  2. League Rom Info - Games are playing in preseason mode with injuries. That is currently the only hack. This is a current time, dynasty league with free agent bidding. 30 player rosters, no practice squad.

  3. Can I join STL? - The process for joining STL is by invite only. If you qualify, you must have a high speed connection. Also, you cannot have a "screen refresh" video card issue. You know if you have this problem. Last but not least, you must be able to play in the evenings. The best hours to be avaliable are from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am CST. Oh yes, you must be responsible for your own internet connection.

  4. Gameplay Rules - Here they are in writing, first violation you get verbal warning, second violation you get the boot. I have final say on what a "violation" is. They are as follows:

    • The visiting team (bad side, player 2) is responsible for setting the game up.
    • Using the 4th man down on FG and XP is allowed!
    • Using DL is allowed, as long as you don't lurch.
    • XP hack is in place to make XP line of scrimmage the 15 yard line. (Est. S14)
    • Avoid Kick Block fix is in the rom. (Est. S14)
    • No Onsides Kicks unless you are losing - kick it back if it happens accidentally
    • Do not tackle in the endzone because stats get voided if a player fumbles.
    • No skipping the coin toss
    • Try to say GL and GG
    • The winner must get the save state file. The loser must wait until the winner confirms he got the file.

  5. Salary Cap Violations - STL has a salary cap, which is determined before each free agency period. Please do not violate the salary cap policy. You can be over the cap during trading and free agent signing period BUT make sure to be under the limit when the season starts. If you blatantly violate this policy, I will remove your best player. This is a judgement call by the commish.

  6. Offseason Order - There will be a strict order in which the offseason flows. This means you can't go back and do a previous transaction if you change your mind. Here is the order:

    • Postseason Trading
    • Vote on Rule Changes
    • MVP Voting
    • Confirm Returning Owners
    • Roster Cuts
    • Team Movement
    • Offseason Trading
    • End Offseason Trading
    • Rerates
    • Franchise Tag Designations
    • Shitty Draft
    • Free Agency
    • Preseason Trading

  7. Roster Cuts - At the end of each season, each team is allowed one cut WITH NO PENALTY. This is important just in case you made a big error in the past or inherited a bad team. Also it can free up capspace if you need it. Also, you CAN NOT cut a player and then immidiately franchise him. That is not allowed.

  8. Rerates - All rerates are judgement calls by me. Only free agents are eligible for rerate. That way, nobody will be 'stuck' with a poorly rated player. If you have a poorly rated player, it is because you bid on him or took over a bad team. Note: I reserve the right to edit or alter any aspect of a team if an owner quits or is replaced.

  9. Franchise Player Rules - Each offseason, teams are allowed to keep any player on their roster if they are willing to pay a "franchise" fee. Teams can designate only one player their "franchise" and keep them on the team for the season. You can franchise a player for as many seasons as you like, but you can only do it one season at a time. The player must be a free agent for this tag to be applied. The contract will be a one-year tender of the average of the top five STL salaries for the previous season or 120 percent of his previous salary, whichever is greater.

  10. STL Social Security - Teams that don't make playoffs will get an extra half million for each loss under .500. Six losses = $.5 mill extra. 10 losses 2.5 mill extra.

  11. Free Agency - After tinkering with many systems, the STL has settled on the "Wait and See" system. This means that if you place a bid on a player in free agency, the player waits a specified amount of time before signing the contract. If someone else places a higher bid, the player will once again wait until nobody is willing to bid higher. If you withdraw a bid on a player, you WILL NOT be allowed to bid again on that player. This will defend the player from being jerked around. Salaries will increase 3% each season a player is under contract. (Est S12, Implements S13)

  12. Trades - Trades are allowed, but try to make them even. For example, QB for QB, RB & TE for RB & TE, DB for empty DB spot... etc. Try to keep the trades to three guys or less per team, I don't want people swapping entire rosters. Also, if you have a "shitty draft" draft pick or player cut, you can trade it if you feel it beneficial. Franchise tags cannot be traded, but feel free to negotiate a "sign and trade".

  13. Dismissal - If you have been fired or kicked out of STL, feel free to get a new AOL IM screen name and try to join again. I don't care if you were stupid in the past, but if you can fool the league and join under a different name, that is fine. If you are discovered, you will be booted again. So don't think you can be a jerk, come back and then reveal yourself to be the previously booted jerk and think you can stay in the league. If you pull off a successful entry back into the league, just be cool and play your games and act like a regular guy.

  • Cellar Dwellar Draft aka "Shitty Draft" - At the end of each season, the team which finishes worst in the standings will get first dibs at that year's free agent crop. They will recieve their choice of free agent at one half the value the franchise amount for a maximum of three years. For more details, go here.